Blog: “Dispatch from the Edge”: March 29, 2013



A few reminders for this weekend:

We have two services at 9am and 10.30am that will be identical.

Feel free to bring guests with you.

We will be providing extra parking across the street.

Be nice to the people serving since many of them are doing twice the usual ministry.

Try to fill the main floor first for worship, and scoot together if it gets a little crowded to make some room for others.

Walk through the children’s art work on Holy Week in the Gathering Place room.  It is entitled Journey to the Cross and will be open before and after the worship service.

If you are sharing in our Easter Offering designated for our Cross-Cultural ministry and workers in Thailand and Laos.  They all serve outreach, discipleship, and development with the Evangelical Covenant Church.  Please use the offering envelope provided in the pew.



“There is no evidence for a form of early Christianity in which the resurrection was not a central belief.  Nor was this belief, as it were, bolted on to Christianity at the edge. It was the central driving force, informing the whole movement.”

                                                                        NT Wright – The Challenge of Jesus